About Our Clothing

Since the beginning, part of our manufacturing 
partner's mission has been to be conscious of our impact on the environment. They aren’t naive to the fact that historically, the clothing industry has negatively impacted Earth. With that said, from the start, They’ve been out to, well, as their motto says, BE DIFFERENT. And that difference starts at the beginning of their production process and remains a top priority all the way through to the lifestyle they encourage their employees to live and the high-quality apparel they produce. They believe in being an eco-friendly clothing company as do we.

Water Reduction

They dye all of our fabric in California at dye houses that use 7x less water than the average clothing manufacturer.

California has some of the most strict EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations, so by dyeing in California, they are adhering to the highest level of environmental compliancy. At their dye houses, everything is monitored to eliminate waste. They are also utilizing the most efficient machines that are available, which allow them to use seven times less water than the average clothing manufacturer. They use three gallons of water per pound of fabric, whereas, most others use anywhere from nine to 20 gallons of water per pound of fabric. During an average week, we save approximately 24 million gallons of water. This top-notch technology uses a very low level of dye-per-water ratio, which is monitored through a digital computer system. When dye houses mix manually, they’ll generally use extra dye, which causes inconsistency and wastefulness. The dyes they use are also bluesign® certified, which guarantees they are eco-friendly. Once a process is complete, the water and dyes are separated. The water is recycled through an in-house filtration system and reused again, rather than being dumped into rivers or oceans. The dye waste is also burned at a high temperature in a self-contained environment, allowing for no smoke stacks or pollution to be put into the air.

Energy Reduction

They take every opportunity to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Their sewing and cutting facilities are run on solar power. And by the end of 2019, They’ll have a 450,000 square foot solar farm to further our commitment to clean energy. All the buildings at their headquarters are equipped with motion-sensor LED lighting, which use nine times less energy than traditional lights. They are constantly updating our employees’ computer monitors to new ones that use less power. The skylights in the buildings also help offset the amount of power needed, and we continue to expand the number of them throughout our campus. All the buildings are insulated in a way that allows for minimal artificial heating and cooling. For years, their employee parking lots have had electric car charging stations to encourage employees to live a green lifestyle even after they leave the office.

Virtually Zero Waste

They recycle everything possible – fabric, plastic, bottles, paper… you name it!

As we’ve mentioned above, they believe that taking advantage of and incorporating the latest technology will help us reduce our carbon footprint. Their systems are very high-tech, and all orders are processed digitally, with minimal paper waste involved. Their goal is to soon have a completely paper-free warehouse – and they’re close to that! They have only one trash can in each building, so employees take part in sorting and recycling all waste. They also don’t let any fabric go to waste. Anything that isn’t turned into a product, is picked up daily and taken to different recycling centers. The fabric is then recycled into different things like tile, bottles, stuffing, upholstery – even energy!

As technology advances so will their eco-friendly practices. Their goal is to make the best apparel around while still putting Earth first. We invite you to join our movement. BE DIFFERENT.